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AGM Results

AGM Attendees: (L to R, back) Ron, Jeff, Kathryn, Steve (front) Jim, Greta, Jan, Warren, Kayt (prone)

AGM Attendees: (L to R, back) Ron, Jeff, Kathryn, Steve (front) Jim, Greta, Jan, Warren, Kayt (prone)

AGM Results .  Some exciting news out of the AGM, we received funding to do some work on improving the fish habitat around the island at the bottom of Morrison Creek near 2d Street.  This is an important initiative for us as it will allow us to even out the flow between the branches of the stream as one of the branches is almost stopped because of the build-up of gravel from the swift fall and spring flows.  This has resulted in some of the good habitat for the smolts and fry being almost inaccessible or low enough that the predators can spot and catch the babies.  Since it is probably our, human development, fault this has occurred we feel it is our duty to repair the damage.

Along the lines of protecting and improving the habitat, it was also decided to become a partner in the Comox Valley Conservation Strategy.  The first meeting is tomorrow with results to be posted shortly.

We also discussed getting more involved in community education.  Some possible avenues include:

  • a living by water awareness package for new owners who may not be aware of all the ways they can help/harm the creek.  This is especially for those of us who came from the other side of the Rocks in non-salmon bearing territory
  • an intro to the creek inhabitants for families to show everyone the various types and volumes of fish that live in the creek and what is necessary for their continued survival and how we can help them thrive
  • a watershed walk to tell us about the history of the creek and what it means to the wildlife in the area

Any suggestions from readers of what they might like to know would be welcome.  You can post a comment on the website or contact us at

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