Morrison Creek Streamkeepers

Promoting public awareness of the Morrison Creek Watershed

The Morrison Creek Streamkeepers (MCS), are an active group of watershed residents and community members dedicated to preserving, rehabilitating and promoting public awareness of the Morrison Creek watershed. MCS worked for several years gathering biophysical data on the watershed and teamed up with the Comox Valley Project Watershed Society to complete a streamside landowner contact program in 2000.

As well, MCS worked with the Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk (an Environment Canada program) to complete works aimed at ensuring the longterm health of the Morrison Creek Lamprey. They used to deploy a smolt fence every year to check the health of the fish population and take census of the salmonid population for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) but have discontinued due to declining numbers of lamprey. As much as possible, MCS volunteers are also actively involved in land-use planning at all levels of government. They have also conducted restoration projects with the guidance of both DFO and BC Ministry of Environment with details of their latest projects available in the Archives.

Some of our members out for a walk by the Creek.

Recent News


Tour of Morrison Creek Headwaters

Morrison Creek Streamkeepers (MCS) have joined forces with the Comox Valley Land Trust (CVLT) to purchase land to create the 22 hectare Morrison Headwaters Nature Preserve (See the Short Video). We are leading interpretive walks Saturday mornings for the summer to raise awareness of this hidden gem. We hope you…

Morrison Headwaters Nature Preserve

Morrison Creek Streamkeepers (MCS) have joined forces with the Comox Valley Land Trust (CVLT) to purchase land to create the Morrison Headwaters Nature Preserve! See the Short Video about this exciting project. CVLT has signed an Agreement to Purchase 22 hectares of the headwaters for conservation. Now we need to…

Wood Duck Box Project

After the excitement of last year's projects, which are working fantastically well I am glad to say, the Morrison Creek Streamkeepers are powering down a bit this year to catch their breath.  That said we are looking for people interested in exploring the headwaters with an eye toward likely places…

Did you know?

The Morrison Creek Lamprey lives in the Morrison Creek and no where else in the world! It is listed as endangered under the Federal Species at Risk Act. An action plan is currently being developed by Department of Fisheries and Oceans to understand how best to protect this rare species. There are two different life forms from this single species – those with teeth (parasitic) and those without (non-parasitic). The parasitic variants are often known as the ‘silver’ form due to their silver upper body.


If you wish to join us in protecting and preserving this amazing little stream, please consider a membership!