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As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve had some problems with the website and volunteer time lately. Hopefully that is over and we will try to keep you updated on the happenings around the creek. As a relative newcomer, the chum run was incredible this year! I have never seen so many eggs sitting on the top of the creek bed because there were so many redds that when a new salmon dug a redd it ‘uprooted’ one before.

Coho in spawning colours

Coho in breeding colours looking for company to head up into the headwaters of Morrison Creek to spawn.  Photo by K Clouston


I was very pleased to be able to get a good shot of a coho in the water on a calmer day with the red showing beautifully.  We will be putting in the smolt fence next Spring to see how well the salmon runs did so stand by for more information on when and how you can participate in the enumeration of this bountiful little creek.


Those who enjoy fishing really appreciated the abundance this year and I had another surprise on 30 Nov 2012 to see this happy clown playing in the raging waters and, probably, hunting the last of the Chum.

Seal at Puntledge Park

Seal at the confluence of Morrison Creek and the Puntledge River. Photo by K Clouston











The other elusive critter that I finally managed to get a good shot of is the Kingfisher that you can hear calling along Morrison Creek from everywhere in Puntledge Park and sometimes along the creek as far as Puntledge Elementary.

Kingfisher above Morrison Creek in Puntledge Park.

Kingfishers can often be seen sitting in the trees above Morrison Creek in Puntledge Park and this one was finally obliging enough to pose for me to get a decent picture. Photo by K Clouston

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