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Since Morrison Creek is host to an endangered species, the Morrison Creek Lamprey, we have a harder time getting permits to work in the Creek than others. We had decided after a hiatus of 3 years that it was time to check the Creek and do some smolt sampling so asked for permits and were told that there were indications that the lamprey population was declining and were therefore refused. This is very worrisome news as if the lamprey disappears from Morrison Creek it will disappear from the Earth since this is the only place that it can be found!

Enough with the depressing news. On the positive side, we finally found enough volunteers at the right time of year to put up half a dozen bird and bat boxes in the new Morrison Creek Commons park.  The birds and bats thank our great volunteers for making and installing the boxes.  It is an unfortunate situation that we have to provide ‘prefab homes’ for these critters because there are no wildlife trees for them to inhabit.  If you are removing a tree, please consider leaving 12-20 feet of trunk for the woodpeckers to create homes for themselves and other birds to live in.

bird and bat box installation party

Jan, Jim and Steve ready to install bird and bat boxes in the park, missing from the photo are Kayt and Isaac.  Photo by K. Clouston

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