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iss_stickleback1One of the hilights associated with working on the spring smolt fence project is the diversity that is observed going through the holding boxes. Not to mention the activity of wildlife in and around the catchment area. While Warblers, Thrushes, and Towhees sing in the lush canopy overhead, you may also catch a glimpse of the local Mink, Deer or Racoon.

This prehistoric looking creature is a female stickleback and she is one of many (at least seven) different fish species that use the morrison creek system. Inside the holding boxes one also finds lamprey of which there are at least three varities; Tridenta, Richardsoni, and Marifuga. Add to this the possibility of catching one of the resident crayfish, and a multitude of other invertebrates, and you can see why it is always exciting when contemplating what you will find next.

Morrison Creek Streamkeepers offer a wide variety of volunteer activities throughout the year, whether it is monitoring stream flows in the headwaters, repairing riparian zones, or assisting with the smolt fence. These activities are an important part in conserving the diversity that is found in our system. New volunteers are always welcome and memberships are also available.

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