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2007 Wrap up

iss_imgp0330It is amazing how quickly time moves on when you are having a good time. The Morrison Creek Smolt Fence Project for 2007 is now completed. Many variables come in to play that can affect the numbers of fish we see going through our holding boxes. For instance, have we plugged up all the holes in our system, what has the weather been like, both now and in the fall, is there a well lit hunting grounds for predators just downstream, and what kind of disturbances are occuring upstream, to name just a few. Between now and next spring volunteers will be trying to monitor and address the variables that are within our ability to influence and manage. On that note I would like to thank all the volunteers that made this year run smoothly. Finally, I will leave you with some of our findings for this year; Coho Smolts-5174, Cutthroat Trout-147, Rainbow Trout-67, Coho Fry 582, Chum Fry-8337, and Lamprey (all richardsoni)-20. You can compare these figures with previous years found in the asessment section.

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