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Sticks and Stones May…

Once we had the livestock out of the way the excavator came in and basically filled in the banks as you can see from the photos. Jim and his helpers then had the happy chore of cabling all of that mess together which they finally finished this week. Many thanks to all of them as that took longer than the rest of the work put together!

Unfortunately the vegetation wasn’t very happy having a big excavator driving over it and now looks like a wasteland. We have since planted a bunch of rye grass and clover along the edges to stop any sediment from filling up the creek and so it doesn’t look quite so naked, thanks Lindsay! Needless to say with the heat we have been having we didn’t think it would be a good time to replant some native vegetation but that is coming. We finished early with the excavator so we have some extra money to buy some good sized native plants and trees to fill in the bare spots once the weather gets a little wetter which hopefully will be fairly soon. Anyone that wants to help with the replanting process in Sep/Oct, please contact us at

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