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Volunteers thankful for increasing temperatures

Happy volunteers

Happy volunteers

Mother Nature appears to be a bit slow in changing seasons this year, at least in Morrison Creek. This slow change is reflected in the change in migration patterns of pink fry and coho smolts. Comparing the first two weeks of the 2007 season with this years migration looks like this, pink fry Apr.19-May3: 2007-1 pink, 2008-6413 pink, 2007-434 coho smolts, 2008-23 coho smolts. Although, the cool temperatures have brought us large numbers of pink fry we are all very grateful for the latest trend towards more seasonable temperatures. Along with this change will inevitably come an influx of larger coho and trout smolts as they follow the fry downstream. Stay tuned next week to see if our predictions pan out or, does Mother Nature have a surprise in hand?

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