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Salmon Enhancement in the Morrison Creek Watershed

Morrison Creek

Morrison Creek

Cool, clean, year-round stream flows from springs in the headwaters make this little stream called Morrison Creek an excellent home to coho, pink, and chum salmon, as well as cutthroat and rainbow trout. The quality of the water and the dependability of the flow reduce Morrison Creek’s need for salmon enhancement. Furthermore, Morrison Creek is the only place in the world where the unique Morrison Creek Lamprey can be found.

Introducing the Morrison Creek Streamkeepers

The Morrison Creek Streamkeepers is a volunteer organization that has been working to maintain the health of this important little creek for over ten years. The streamkeepers carry out activities of all kinds, all dedicated to maintaining this stream as close to its original state as possible, in order to increase the number of salmon it produces and to maintain the genetic stocks of all the aquatic species that use Morrison Creek.  Some of that salmon enhancement work is direct and some of it indirect but it all goes toward maintaining the overall health of the ecosystem which benefits all species, ours included.  (Contact us at

While the Streamkeepers may not be the largest group doing salmon enhancement on Vancouver Island, they are one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic. This blog is a record in words, pictures and video of their numerous projects to improve and monitor the health of Morrison Creek. The Morrison Creek Streamkeepers work closely with the Comox Valley Conservation Strategy and sometimes undertakes joint projects with them.

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