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A drenched Jim Palmer standing beside one of the piles of Himalayan Blackberry and other invasive plants that were pulled out of the lot at 1st and Willemar on 10 Apr. Photo by K Clouston  Our salmon enhancement work this year is following a less obvious path this year as we work on the riparian area instead of instream work.  To begin, a hardy group of volunteers comprised of Jim Palmer, Steve Harvey, Kathryn Clouston, Kayt Chambers and Christine Gross spent several hours in the pouring rain pulling out invasive plants from the lot at 1st and Willemar in Courtenay across the street from Puntledge Park.  We discovered a variety of native plants buried underneath and hope that our efforts will allow them to get some light this summer and flourish.   Our intrepid volunteers had a much better day when they returned on 16 Apr to put in native plants to fill out the lot and, hopefully, prevent the invasive plants from moving back in. Photo by K CloustonCloser to the creekside the native plants have been less successful in remaining and so we put in 50-60 different shrubs and trees to help stabilize the bank and improve the riparian area and therefore the health of the creek.  Our thanks go out to Jim Palmer, Steve Harvey, Kathryn Clouston, Michael McNulty and Cindy for their help with this task.

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