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Mink in Puntledge Park. Photo by K Clouston

I saw a pair of mink zooming around the pond in Puntledge Park this morning.  I knew they were around as we have had problems with them raiding the smolt box when we had it out and I ‘met’ one when I went down to check the box one night.  I didn’t realize how big they are though!  I might have been more scared if I had known.  I got a bunch of blurry pictures of parts of mink flashing through the frame but did get manage a couple of okay shots.  They are fast, aquatic animals that need water to live near and hunt in.  I always thought weasels were larger but they are in fact much smaller.  You can tell the difference between river otters and mink by the pointiness of the mink’s nose whereas the otter’s face is blunter.  Both are excellent swimmers, although the otter is better and therefore rides lower in the water so you only see the head and maybe the tail unlike this photo where you can see most of the animal.

Mink swimming in the pond beside Morrison Creek. Photo by K Clouston

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