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Coho Smolts Increase

iss_week-3-smoltsA little more excitement this week. Dave Davies had 5230 chum fry on Tues morning, plus a couple hundred smolts. Our Coho smolt numbers have been strong all week.On Wed. morning we had a mink inside the boxes and he/she was not too pleased about having intruders, needless to say the mink screen was replaced that morning. On Fri evening a racoon was fishing just up from the fence, good to see we have a healthy system. Some beautiful 2 year old Coho Smolts have been coming through the trap one measured 198 mm, about 8 inches. We had 13 Cutties, and 4 lampreys in and around the traps this week.

Some totals to date are: Coho Smolts, 1767, Coho Fry, 299, Chum Fry, 8796.

Now that the flows are starting to drop and we have a stretch of dry weather ahead we will leave the debris on the fence to keep our flows through the pipe at good levels.

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