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Counting Starts Slow

 Our first week started out fairly slowly as usual which is good since we need to knock the rust off our recognition skills and teach the new people what the various species look like without totally overwhelming them.  There was also the excitement of seeing some really nice trout, a couple of which were around 40 cm long.

Coho Smolt

Coho Smolt

Week 1 count

chum fry 1072

coho fry 8

coho smolt 7

chinook 2

cutthroat trout 3

                                                             rainbow trout 1

The second week and a bit was a lot overwhelming.  I know salmon are a cold water species but this is getting ridiculous.  Normally we do a comparison with the previous year to see how the season is panning out but that is not necessary this year.  We have had two mornings with over 8000 chum fry for that count, we only had 1398 chum fry for the whole season last year.  The coho fry and smolts are starting to appear which is going to make counting these huge numbers even more difficult.

Spawning lamprey sometimes pass through the box.

Spawning lamprey sometimes pass through the box.

Week 2 count

chum fry 28,046  (real total not a typo)

coho fry 58

coho smolt 24

chinook 16

cutthroat trout 1

We have also had several lamprey show up in the box which is very interesting.

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