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Thanks to everyone that came out to the presentation and supported us and the Comox Valley Naturalists.  Thanks as well to Maureen from Maple Leaf Adventures  ( ) for providing this fascinating pictorial voyage along the coast and giving us some interesting things to think about such as the fact that one of the shortest food chains in the world occurs right here with the massive whales feeding on tiny krill which feed on plankton.  Three steps from microscopic to massive, that is pretty amazing.

We also need to thank Brian Falconer for telling us about Raincoast Conservation ( ) and their work to protect grizzlies and to create the Great Bear protection area as well as to acquire an allocation of fish for the animals that eat them.   The animals aren’t normally considered when DFO looks at fish allocations and that is a problem for the whales, bear, and other animals that require them for food to survive the winter.  We wish them the best of luck in their efforts to acquire the license for the area of the coast that covers the entire range of the spirit bear and hope anyone that reads this will help them out.

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