The dipper normally bobs up and down while fishing for insects but like everything else in salmon country is happy to partake of the abundance, in this case a salmon egg. Photo by K Clouston

This is the only truly aquatic songbird in North America and although it is uncommon in most of BC it stays in and around lower Morrison Creek during the winter months.  Yes, I did say songbird and they do have a very pretty song which you can occasionally hear while it is busy foraging in Puntledge Park.  They feed mainly on aquatic insects but are not averse to tiny fish or salmon eggs.  They generally nest on a cliff ledge by a waterfall or on a boulder in midstream so they have happily adapted to using the bridges and culverts we like to install in and around swift water so these bouncy little birds, somewhere between a sparrow and a robin for size, are doing well in BC.

American Dipper

American Dipper, still for once, in the middle of Morrison Creek. Photo by K Clouston