Golden-crowned Kinglet and Morrison Creek

Golden-crowned Kinglet looking for food in the woods. Photo by K Clouston

These busy little chickadee-sized birds seem to be almost everywhere in the bushes in the winter.  The first sign of their presence is a whispering in the brush, then a flash of yellow attracts your eye and once you spot one they seem to be on every branch.  What they are busy doing as they go up down and around the branches of trees is looking for insects and spiders.  They love the higher coniferous trees and that is where they build little nests of moss and lichen, raising two broods a year.  Another little bird with flashes of yellow that can be seen in flocks in winter is the Pine Siskin but it is more like a sparrow with streaks on the body and the yellow is on the back and wings, not the head.

Golden-crowned Kinglet, Comox Valley

Golden-crowned Kinglet looking for insects in the trees around Puntledge Park. Photo by K Clouston