Fox Sparrow in Red Osier Dogwood beside Morrison Creek

Fox Sparrow in some Red Osier Dogwood beside Morrison Creek. Photo by K Clouston

The Fox Sparrow is one of the many sparrows common to our watershed.  They are difficult to distinguish from the very similar looking Song Sparrow.  Both are small birds with brown/dark brown backs and streaky stomachs.  The big difference between the two is that the Fox Sparrow seems to have its stomach streaks made up of ’tiles’ or ‘chevrons’  pointing towards a central dark spot just under the chin while the Song Sparrow has stripes.  Another distinguishing feature is the grey/brown/grey stripes beside the eye of the Song Sparrow.  These guys are usually found near the ground as they nest low to or on the ground and that is where they forage as well looking for seeds and insects.Fox Sparrow feeding by Morrison Creek