Mink playing in the pond in Puntledge Park. Photo by K Clouston.

The American Mink is a semi-aquatic member of the weasel family and the semi-aquatic part is very evident when they are seen near water!  I thought I had seen a pair of otters frolicking in the pond in Puntledge Park until I downloaded my photos and discovered their noses were too pointy to be otters so that made them mink.

One of a pair of mink seen in Puntledge Park that finally stayed still long enough to get a decent picture. Photo by K Clouston

I was surprised at how large they are as I was under the impression that mink were fairly small but they are larger, darker, and more aquatic than weasels.  They are carnivores and eat fish, crayfish, birds, rats, squirrels and other animals.  Pound for pound, members of the weasel family are quite ferocious and minks have been known to kill and eat rabbits and other prey which are much larger than themselves.  They are normally nocturnal but this pair kindly showed up on a dull day to let me get some photos.

Patience is a virtue that is occasionally rewarded and finally mine was, plus being in the right place at the right time, to see this little devil cavorting around the bridge by the bathrooms in Puntledge Park.  Better light, better angle, better photo.

Mink in Puntledge Park, Photo by K Clouston

Mink in Puntledge Park, Photo by K Clouston